Who We Are?

RGA Holdings, doing business as Safety 24/7, was incorporated in August 2008, owned by Greg Anderson. Safety 24/7 brings to life the philosophies we have successfully used to create a culture of safety within our organization. It poignantly and effectively depicts that, in the end, safety is about peoples’ lives.

Books and services have been provided to the following industries:

Energy, mining, engineering & construction, transportation / logistics, food service, paper, maintenance, heavy machinery, equipment rental, chemical, manufacturing, and many others.

  • Management & Soft Skills
  • Technical Safety
  • Technical Training
  • Belief Based Safety
  • Nationalization

Safety 24/7 Book

Whether reading in the board room or on the front line, Safety 24/7 helps address all of these questions in a simple-to-read format that is sure to make a difference in both your professional and personal life. Safety 24/7 was written to show you how these incidents can be dramatically reduced, even eliminated, and help build a culture of safety. Obtain your copy of safety 24/7 and start implementing behavior based safety awareness programs today!

  • Interactive & Practical
  • Creating Safety 24/7 Culture
  • Customized Solutions
  • Bilingual Passionate Instructors
  • Coaching & Mentoring

Our Services

Safety 24/7 is for those responsible for managing risk within your business, our range of engaging and highly respected courses are designed to help your business become fully compliant with Health and Safety Executive regulation.

Not only does HSE compliance demonstrate your commitment to employee welfare and corporate social responsibility, but it also helps inspire confidence amongst customers and suppliers.


Oil / Gas Training & Consultation

Drilling , Exploration and Production , Work over , Petrochemicals

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Training for High Risk Industries

Mining , Construction , Marine , Automotive

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Assessments, Coaching, Actions & Follow-ups

We at Safety 24/7 have the courage to carry forth our knowledge and experience of soft skills and safety on individual beliefs during the battle of business

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Accreditation & Business Partners

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